While many people think the fun of a vacation starts when they arrive and settle at their destination but the truth is the fun starts right from the airport. As soon as you get to the entrance of your departing airport, you start seeing things and people that will make you laugh and change your bad mood to good.

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At the airport, a lot of travelers act in their real self, different from how they act when going to work every other day. So it is most likely you see some very funny ones, some annoying ones and all sorts. Below are different characters you will meet when you are at the airport.


These type of travelers are never ready to “write stories”, so they arrive at a very good time, way earlier than they should. Some of them arrive 2-3 hours before the check-in time starts. You see them walking around, watching the screens for their flight check-in desk to open.


It is very easy to identify this type of travelers. These people are usually confused and lost. It’s either they are looking for their passport or their boarding pass. They always look for one thing or the other, even on the plane.

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This type of travelers can be very annoying. They are never on time, arriving when check-in is about to close. That’s when you see them running like headless chickens, begging the airline staff for coming late and other passengers to allow them jump the queue.

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These people are always taking chances. After passing through security, that is when they start buying things at duty free. You will see them entering the plane minutes after every other passengers are settled, carrying several bags of things bought at duty free (after their names have been announced several times for final boarding).

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What type of traveler are you? What other character have you seen or met at the airport? We’ll like to know the other type of characters people see at the airport in the comment section.

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