List of schools in Ondo State, Nigeria

List of schools in Ondo State, Nigeria

African Church Grammar School, Oka-Akoko

Ahmadiyya Grammar School, Ogbagi-Akoko

Ahmadiyya Secondary School, Owo

Ajuta High School, Ogbagi-Akoko

Ajuwa Grammar School, Oke-agbe Akoko

Akoko Anglican Grammar School Arigidi-Akoko (AKO-GRAMS)

Akure High School, Akure

Amunye C.A.C High School, Owo

Anglican Grammar School, Igbara-Oke

Anglican Grammar School, Ijare

Arogbo City Academic, Arogbo

Ate Ikanmu Grammar School, Simerin-Uba Oka Akoko

Baptist Grammar School, Ode-Aye

Brilliant Prevarsity College, Akure Ondo State

CAC Adu Memorial Comprehensive High School, Akure

CAC Grammar School, Akure

CAC Grammar School, Ijare

Citadel International College Ikare-Akoko

Community Grammar School, Idi-ogba

Comprehensive High School, Igburowo

Comprehensive High School, Ilutitun Osoro

Comprehensive High School, Ukpe, est 2012

Eyo-Oke Comprehensive High School, Oyin Akoko

Federal Government College, Idoani

Federal Government Girls College, Akure

Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School, Akure, est 1960

Futa Staff Secondary School, Akure

Gboluji (Anglican) Grammar School, Ile-Oluji

God’s Glory Nursery and Primary School, Akure

Greater Tomorrow International College, Arigidi-Akoko

Greater Tomorrow Secondary School, Ikare-Akoko

Hilltop International High School, Akure, Ondo State

Holy Saviours High School, Ile-Oluji, est. 1975

Idepe High School, Idepe-Okitipupa

Idris Premier College, Akure

Igodan Lisa/Okunmo High School, Igodan Lisa

Ijapo High School. Akure

Ijaw National High School, Arogbo

Ikare City Academy, Ikare Akoko

Ilaje High School, Igbokoda

Ileri-ayo Nursery And Primary School, Akure. Founded 4 September 1994

Imade College, Owo

Impact International Schools, Akure

Independence Grammar School, Ondo

Isero Grammar School, Odigbo

Manuwa Memorial Grammar School, Iju-Odo

Methodist High School, Okitipupa

Methodist High School, Owo

Moribodo College, Ilutitun-Osoro

Mount Carmel Secondary School, Ikare-Akoko

New Era High School, Ijare

Oke-agbe High School, Oke-agbe Akoko

Okeluse Anglican Grammar School, Okeluse

Oluremi Model School (Nursery/Primary), Akure, Ondo State

Omoluorogbo Grammar School, Akure.

Ondo Boys’ High School, Ondo

Ondo Grammar School, Ondo

Owo High School, Owo

Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure up school up ogsa

Parker Int. High School, Akure

Police Children School 1, Akure

Police Children School 2, Akure

Police Secondary School, Ita-Ogbolu, Akure, est 2005

Preston Int. School, Akure

Sacred Heart Seminary Secondary School, Akure

St. Dominic’s High School, Akure

St. Francis High School, Oke-Aro, Akure

St. Helens Unity School, Ondo City|Ondo

St. John Mary School, Ondo City|Ondo

St. Joseph’s College, Ondo est 1956

St. Louis College, Ondo

St. Louis Girls Grammar School, Akure

St. Louis Girls Grammar School, Owo

St. Mathias High School, Akure

St. Monica Girl’s College, Ondo

St. Peters Unity Secondary School, Akure est. 1985

St. Thomas’s Aquinas College, Akure Est. January 1951

Stella Maris College, Okitipupa

Taidob College

The Apostolic Primary School, Owo

Ukparamo Grammar School, Bolowou

United CAC High School, Akure

Uso Grammar School, Uso

Victory College, Ikare Akoko



List Of Primary and Secondary Schools In Osun State

By NigeriaTopList on July 4, 2015


A D C Grammar School, Apomu

A D S Grammar School, Iloro, Ile-Ife

A D S Grammar School, Osogbo.

Ada Commercial High School, Ada

African Church Grammar Schools Apomu.

Akinorun Grammar School, Ikirun, Osun State

Akinyemi Memorial Grammar School, Ifewara

Ambassadors College ile – ife

Anglican Comprehensive High School, Otan Ayegbaju

Anglican Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Iyekere, Ile-Ife

Anny International Secondary School, Osogbo

Aro Odo Grammar School, Ipetu-Ijesa

Atakumosa High School, Osu, Ilesha

Ayedaade Grammar School, Ikire

Baptist Boys High School, Iwo, Osun State

Baptist comprehensive High School Ile Ife

Baptist Girls’ High School, Osogbo

Baptist Grammar School, Ede

Baptist High School, Ede, Osun State

Baptist High School, Iresi, Osun State

Best Foundation Group of Schools, Ifetedo

Biladu Grammar School, Ilesha

C & S Grammar School, Ipetumodu

CAC Commercial Grammar School, Ilesha

CAC Commercial High School, Iwaraja-Ijesa

CAC Grammar School, Osogbo.

Camila High School, Ila Orangun, Osun State

Catholic Secondary Grammar School, Iwo, Osun State

Cherubim and Seraphim High School, Ilesha

Community High School Akiriboto, Gbongan

Community High School, Ijemu, Igbajo

Comprehensive High School, Ilutitun-Osoro, Ondo State

Ebekun Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Iresi, Osun State

Ejigbo Baptist High School Ejigbo, Osun State

Elefosan School of Science, Ipetu-Ijesa

EMPAA Group of Schools, Ejigbo

Ere Ijesa Community Grammar School. Ere Ijesa

Esa-Oke Grammar Schools, Esa-Oke

Faith Standard Cephalo Model College, Ife,Ile-Ife

Faith Standard Schools, Ile-Ife

Fakunle Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

Fatima College, Ikire.

Federal Government College, Ikirun

Federal Government Girls’ College, Ipetumodu

Foundation Model College, Ikirun

Foundation Primary School, Ikirun

GOF International College Osogbo

GOF International Schools Ejigbo, Osun State, established 1986

Good Tidings Standard Collegiate. Osogbo

Henry Alex-Duduyemi Memorial College, Ile – Ife

Holy Micheal High School, Ikirun

Ibikunle Lawal College, Ile – Ife

Ibokun Grammar School, Ibokun

Ifewara High School, Ifewara

Igangan Community Grammar School, Igangan-Ijesa

Igbaye community High School, Igbaye

Ijebu-Jesa Grammar school, Ijebu-Jesa

Ikeji-Ile Community High School, Ikeji-Ile Ijesa

Ikinyinwa/Iponda Community High School, Ikinyinwa

Ilare Community High School, Ilare

Ilase Community High School, Ilase

Ilesha Grammar School, Ilesa

Iloko Model College, Iloko-Ijesa

IMA High School Ilobu

Imesi-Ile High School, Imesi-Ile

Inisa Grammar School, Inisa, Odo Otin

Ipetu-Ijesa Grammar School, Ipetu-Ijesa

Islahudeen Arabic school, Iwo

Islahudeen Grammar School, Osogbo

Islamic comprehensive college, ede

Iwo Grammar School, Iwo, Osun State

J.A.O. children school, Ipetumodu

Kiriji Memorial College, Igbajo

Kunike International School,Oke Ijetu, Osogbo

Laro Grammar School, Osogbo

Masifa community grammar school, Masifa

Mercy Nursery and primary school, Ile-Ife

Methodist High School, Ilesa

Modakeke High School, Modakeke – Ife

Moremi High School, Ife|Ile-Ife

Moribodo College, [Ilutitun-Osoro, Ondo State]

Obafemi Awolowo University International School, Ife|Ile-Ife

Obokun High School, Ilesa

Oduduwa College, Ife|Ile-Ife

Oke- Afo Community High School, Iwo. Osun State

Oladimeji International School, Ile-Ife Osun State

Olashore International School, Iloko Jesha

Olatunde Memorial Comprehensive High School, Ilesa

Olatunde Memorial Nursery/Primary School, Ilesa

Olubuse Memorial High School, Oke Agaun, Iloro, Ife|Ile-Ife

Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo, Osun, Osogbo

Osun State School of Science, Ikirun

Our Lady and St Francis Catholic College Osogbo

Our Lady’s Girls High School Ife|Ile-Ife

Owa-Obokun High School, Ilesa

Oyan Grammar School, Oyan, Osun State

Regina Mundi Girls’ Secondary School, Iwo, Osun State

Roseful International School, Aiyetoro, Osogbo

Royal Comprehensive High School, Modakeke-Ife, Osun State

Saint Augustine commercial Grammar School, Ikire

Saint Augustine Grammar School, Iwo, Osun State

Saint Joseph High School, Esa-Oke

Saint Lawrences Grammar School, Ilesha

Saint Mary’s Grammar School Iwo, Osun State established 1965

School of Science Ilobu

School of Science, Ikoyi

School of Science, Ilesha

School of Science, Ode-omu.

School of Science, Ondo Road, Ife|Ile-Ife

Seventh Day Adventist Nursery, Primary and Secondary School

Shekinah Group Of Schools, Inisa

St. Anthony’s Catholic High School, Ilesha.

St. Anthony’s College, Ikoyi

St. Charles College, Osogbo

St. Claires’ Osogbo

St. Davids Grammar School, Lagere, Ife|Ile-Ife

St. Finbarr’s Ikire

St. John’s Grammar School, Oke-Atan, Ile-Ife

St. John’s Primary School, Ilare, Ile-Ife

St. Margaret’s Girls Grammar school, Ilesa

St. Patrick Gbongan

St. Paul Grammar School Ilobu

St. Peter Anglican Primary School Iremo Ile – Ife

Sundest Progressive College, Halleluyah, Osogbo

Sundest Progressive College, Halleluyah, Osogbo

The Apostolic College, Ilesha.

The Apostolic Primary School, Okesoda, Ile-Ife

United Angkican Methodist Grammar School, Ilesha

Unity Junior School Ejigbo

Unity School Ejigbo

Unity School Ikire

Unity School Osgbo

Waterfords International School, Osogbo

Winners’ Model College, Capital Area, Osogbo



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