Traveling could be a challenge especially if you are going solo. But that should not stop you from experiencing a solo travel as it would be highly rewarding for anyone to explore the continent without worrying about anyone or anything else but just you. If you would be going solo, the most important thing right after getting the travel budget sorted is safety.

If Africa is your continent of choice, Yewande Salisu has shared five of the safest African countries with the friendliest people in the world and you should explore them soon.


Exploring Botswana is safe and you won’t have to worry about language barrier or getting along with Botswana, because almost everyone speaks English which makes it really easy to move around and make friends faster. Botswana steady democracy makes it an ideal destination for any kind of traveler especially if you enjoy the view of wild life animals like the Zebras, very friendly elephants and the hippos, in their natural habitats. During your stay you should also try a ‘Mokoro’ ride to enjoy a unique canoeing experience.



Right next to Botswana is Namibia, another safe destination for solo travelers. Due to its good governance, visiting Namibia gives travelers the assurance of a smooth adventure during their stay. Namibia will not fail to offer you an adventure of a lifetime as it is also one of the most stable countries in Africa. Also, Namibia is a good place to have a wildlife experience. You can view over 114 mammals and over 300 species of birds you probably did not know existed. You should also visit the Epupa falls and take a bike ride through the dunes and deserts.



Not even a decade ago, Malawi wasn’t a good place to travel for foreign adventurers. But because of the new-found government and economic boom, this country is now one of the best destinations in Africa. Most travelers go to the rural parts of the country as getting along with and getting to know the local Malawian can be a one of a kind experience.



If you are visiting Africa in hope to spend some time laying down on white sandy beaches, enjoying hammocks, getting shades under the palm trees, sipping fresh coconut juice, and just enjoying the beach life, then Mozambique is for you. If you are also looking to experience rich marine life discovering underwater gems and pebbles, then get your goggles ready for an amazing time in Mozambique. However, you might not be able to enjoy Jet Ski rides, but this is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature without filter.



To crown your solo travel destination bucket list would be a trip to Seychelles. Seychelles is a must-visit destination in Africa. Every time you see a feature of Seychelles on the internet or other media, it’s only to display its beauty. The beautiful and peaceful country makes it a very safe country in Africa. Places like Petite Anse and Mahe would allow you experience the easy-going lifestyle of the citizens. Seychelles has converted many of its small islands to national parks. This is the way of their government to keep the picturesque beauty of the country while allowing travelers to see it for themselves! If traveling solo is on you wish list, then you should visit one of these African countries soon.


As a solo traveler, where is the safest country you have visited in Africa? We’ll like you to share the country with us in the comment section. 

Source: Naija Nomads.

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