35 Fun Bridal Shower Games Ideas

Hosting bridal shower games for large groups for a lucky bride-to-be is a tremendous responsibility.

Every bride-to-be dreams of her shower so you will want every detail to be as perfect as possible (while also ensuring that everyone has plenty of fun.) The maid of honor is typically responsible for preparing for the party and making it memorable for the bride. With that being said, other members of the bridal party and the bride and groom’s family usually step in to assist.
Bridal shower games are always a huge hit because they allow everyone to get involved and have a good laugh. There are so many bridal shower games for large groups. If this is your first time hosting a bridal shower, particularly if there are a lot of guests, you may not know what games to pick.
Luckily, the list below will give you plenty of ideas for entertaining bridal shower games for large groups. There are a lot of fun bridal shower games to choose from. There are unique bridal shower games and activities, get-to-know-the-bride games, and games to play during gift wrapping. It’s always best to look for bridal shower game ideas ahead of time. This way you will be properly prepared and have time to gather all of the bride’s answers.

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List of Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups
1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Design
Our first choice for wedding shower games: the goal of this game is to divide people up into groups of between 2 and 4 people. Hand each group a roll of toilet paper and have them designate someone in their group to be a model. The other members of the group will need to construct a wedding dress out of toilet paper that their model can wear. Whichever group has the best dress design wins the game.
Curious how many rolls of toilet paper for bridal shower game are necessary? 4-6 rolls are enough for a 20 minutes session of playing this game.

2. Toilet Paper Camping Tell-All Game
Make sure you have plenty of rolls of toilet paper for this game. To play, you need to pass around a roll of toilet paper and ask each person to pull off as much toilet paper as they would need for a weekend long camping trip.
Once everyone has their selected amount of toilet paper, let them know that for each sheet they have, they will have to state one fact about themselves out loud. The more toilet paper a person has, the more they will have to tell. This is a great icebreaker game and allows large groups of individuals to get to know one another.

3. Don’t Say the Word Game
When you attend a bridal shower, the topic of conversation typically involves the bride, groom, and the wedding. But what if no one was allowed to say bride, groom, and wedding? When everyone arrives, inform them that they will be playing a game that will last the duration of the bridal shower. Let them know that if they say the specified words at any point, they lose the game. The person or people who win get to take home a small prize.

4. Guess How Many
For this game, you will need to take a clear plastic or glass jar and fill it with something of your choice. You can fill it with buttons, candy, and the like. Candy is an excellent choice because it can be given away as a prize to the winner of this game. Have the guests guess how many items they think are in the jar. Whoever guesses the number of comes closest to the number wins the jar.

5. Bridal Bingo
Bingo is a fun game for everyone of any age, and bridal shower bingo is a great pick regarding bridal shower games for large groups. Rather than handing out cards with numbered squares, place words in each box such as words related to honeymoon hotspots, bridal gifts, and other wedding-related words.

6. Name the Cake
Hand out a sheet of paper that allows guests to guess a type of cake based on clues given on their piece of paper. For instance, the question may ask what kind of cake would a rabbit eat in which the corresponding answer would be a carrot cake. Whoever has the most answers correct should win a small token prize.
7. Chick Flick Movie Quotes
Create sheets of paper with memorable movie quotes on one side and the corresponding movie titles on the other, but mix up the order of the movie titles. Ask guests to draw lines so they can match the movie quote to the name of the movie. To make things even more interesting, you could choose wedding-related movies, too, such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

8. Guess Who Bride or Groom
This is a fun game in which you gather information about the bride and groom-to-be. Print the facts out on a sheet of paper and have your guests guess if the fact belongs to the bride or groom. For some added fun, place a picture of a wedding dress on one side of the fact and a picture of a tux on the other to represent either the bride or the groom. Guests can circle the corresponding picture to determine who the fact belongs to.

9. Fairy Tale Matchup
Weddings are often a dream come true, or a fairy tale of sorts, for the bride and groom, which is why a fairy tale matchup game makes perfect sense. This game consists of listing the names of Disney princesses or heroines on one side and Disney Princes or heroes on the other in a mixed up order. Ask your guests to match the princess to her corresponding prince. For instance, matching Aerial and Prince Eric, Cinderella and Prince Charming, and Snow White and The Prince.

10. Bridal Shower Scattergories
Create a numbered list of 12 wedding related items on a sheet of paper. Leave a blank line next to each item so that guests may fill in their answers. You could list out items such as:
A term of endearment
Gift found on a wedding registry
Honeymoon hotspot
Draw letters onto small pieces of paper and fold them over. Place the letters in a hat and mix them up. Pull out a letter at random. The letter that you pull is the first letter of the answer your guests have to use. For instance, if you pick the letter S, your guests could put sweetie for a term of endearment. If any guests have the same answer, they do not get any points. If a guest has two words that start with the same letter, they get double the points and so on. For instance, if the letter you pick is P and a guest says pretty princess as a term of endearment, that would count as two points. More Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups

11. Put a Ring It
This game can create tons of laughter among bridal shower guests. Hand each guest a chopstick and ask them to place it between their teeth and lips. Place a bowl of candy fruit rings, such as peach rings, in front of each guest. Tell the guests that they must pick up as many of the candy rings as possible using the chopstick. Instruct the guests not to use their hands or they will automatically lose the game. Whoever has the most rings on their chopstick wins the game.

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12. Garter Toss
Purchase cheap garters and bottles of sparkling cider and entertain bridal shower guests with a game of garter toss. The goal is to toss the garter so that it lands on the bottle of sparkling cider. Whoever lands the most points wins the game. You may want to set a certain point limit before the game starts. Try sticking with 5-10 points since that seems to be a relatively good range of numbers for a large group of guests.

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13. Mad Lib Wedding Vows
Have the guests help the bride write up some hilarious wedding vows using a version of the original Mad Lib game. Put plenty of blanks throughout the vows and have guests insert adjectives, verbs, nouns, and emotions. If you have a large group of people, it will be hilarious to see what funny vows people think up. For some added fun and laughter, have each guest read their Mad Lib wedding vows out loud.
14. Receiving Line
When it comes to choosing bridal shower games for large groups of people, nothing beats this game. For this game, you will have to divide your guests into teams. On one side of the room, you will need to place bowls filled with rice. On the other side of the room, have small, empty mason jars. Have each team line up between their bowl and their jar. The point of the game is for guests to use their hands only. The first member of the team will scoop out a handful of rice from the bowl and place it to the next team member’s hand. The team members will continue passing the rice from one hand to the next until they have placed their rice in the jar. The team with the most rice in their jar at the end wins the game.

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15. Wedding Traditions
Weddings have certainly changed over the centuries, particularly with many brides opting for a modern wedding rather than a traditional one. However, there are certain wedding traditions that find their way into even the most unique wedding situations. For instance, the bride carrying a bouquet of flowers or a flower girl tossing down petals. On a sheet of paper, list out various wedding traditions throughout the centuries and see if your guests can match the tradition with the reason why the tradition exists. This game makes it fun for guests to learn about the history of different wedding traditions.
16. ABC Wedding
Write out the letters A through Z in list-style and leave a blank line next to each letter. Have your guests’ name wedding related items next to each blank. For instance, next to the letter B, a person could list bridal gown. Whoever has the most items written down by the end of the game wins. If any guests have matching answers, it will cancel out that response.
17. Mint to Be
Fill a bowl with mints and hand each guest a straw. For this game, no hands are allowed. Players will have to place the straw between their teeth and lips and use suction to grab hold of a mint. The player will have to keep the mint on the end of the straw and place it in an empty jar. The person with the most mints in their jar by the time the game is up wins. To make this game a little more fun and challenging, use a timer.

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18. Pin the Mustache on the Groom
Print out a jumbo size photo of the groom and hand each guest a mustache containing double-sided tape on one side. After blindfolding the guest, have them place the mustache on the picture. Whoever places the mustache as close to the proper place as possible wins the game. Another variation of this game is pin the veil on the bride in which you print a picture of the bride rather than the room and have guests tape a paper veil to the picture while blindfolded. Again, whoever places the veil as close to the correct position as possible wins.
19. Would They Rather
List things that the bride and groom would and would not want to do together and ask guests which they believe best suits the couple. For example, you can ask, “Would they rather go cruising or camping?” The person with the most correct guesses wins the game.
20. Tie the Knot
Make sure you have plenty of cherry stems available for this game. The way to win this game is to see who can tie the most cherry stem knots using only their teeth, tongue, and lips (no hands) in a minute. Although you can play this game without a timer, the aspect of racing the clock makes this game all the more hilarious.
21. The Price is Right Bridal Edition
Purchase a few small items that you know you would like to give to the bride at the end of the game as a gift. Line the gift items up on a table and have your guests play this fun version of The Price is Right. Guests will have to guess the correct price for each item. Whenever one guest guesses the price correctly or as close as possible, hand them the gift item to give to the bride. Not only will your guests have fun playing a fun twist on this classic TV show game, but the bride will also get some very cool and much-needed gifts out of it.

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22. Guess Who Bridal Guest Version
If you have ever played the game Guess Who, you know that the point was to determine who was your character based on a set number of clues such as male or female, glasses or no glasses, and short hair or long hair. You can do this exact same thing with your bridal shower guests. In terms of bridal shower guests for large groups, this one works best when you have a lot of guests in attendance. The more guests there are the more challenging it will be to figure out which guest is being described. Whoever guesses the guest correctly wins the game.
23. Wedding Crashers
Hand each player a ping-pong ball and have them see if they can bounce the ball across a table in order to knock down a stack of plastic cups. Whoever knocks down the most plastic cups wins the game.

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24. Name That Groom
Hold up a picture of a famous celebrity bride, such as the Duchess of Cambridge and have the guests guess who her famous celebrity groom was. If a celebrity has been married more than once, let guests know which husband you would like them to name, such as the first or most recent.
25. Ball and Chain
Secure one end of a rope around a lightweight plastic ball. Secure the other end of the rope around the guest’s ankle. Line up water balls on the ground and have your guest swing the rope and ball around Skip-It style to see who can knock the most bottles down in a minute. Whoever manages to knock over the most bottles wins the game. For some added phone, spray paint the plastic ball black to make it look more like a ball and chain.
26. Kiss the Bride
Pictionary can be a fun and hilarious game, especially when you are trying to think up creative bridal shower games for large groups of people. However, the idea behind kiss the bride puts an entertaining twist on the classic game. Make sure you have a large drawing pad available. Place the drawing pad on an easel and hand the guest that is nominated to draw a tube of lipstick. The guest drawing the picture must do so using the tube of lipstick. However, this is a no hands allowed game, meaning the tube of lipstick must be placed between the teeth and lips.
27. What Was She Wearing
The goal of this game is to have the bride-to-be announce that she will be right back as she steps out of the room. The guests all think she will be right back but in reality, you are going to have her wait outside while you ask each guest to remember what she was wearing. Whoever guesses the bride’s outfit the closest (down to the most minute details if possible) wins the game.
Final Thoughts on the Best Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups
With the fun and hilarious games listed above, you can make any bridal shower an absolute blast. In truth, bridal shower game ideas are endless. All you need is the creative mind to think up whatever hilarious game concoctions are available. It’ll surely give the couple wonderful memories before their wedding.

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