When you’re planning a holiday most people just don’t go for the first thing they see. They like to have a look around and have a browse on the Internet to see what’s an offer. But with the thousands of holidays out there, hotels, clothing and travel accessory products your mind can soon be blown by all the information. You bookmark it, write it down or lose the page where you were looking last as you have ten different tabs open! This first two may have seemed ideal at first but now we have clipix that lets you see all your findings all in one place, and access them whenever you like on a user friendly clipboard screen.

All you have to do is register then there is a Clipix button that you simply drag to your bookmark bar. When you see something you like for instance a bikini on a particular website just click the Clipix button and you can add it to your clipboard screen. You can create as many clipboards as you like. One for Holiday clothes, another for holiday accommodation etc. But the tool isn’t just for travel you can use it for whatever you come across and want to save to look back on again and even share it with friends. Save recipes, computer games you want to buy, stories you want to refer back to – literally anything of interest to you on the Internet.

It gets better if you have an iPhone too as with the application you will be able to clip photos, clip in your iPhone browser and see your information wherever you go. You should register. It takes no time at all and you will be up and running in about a minute!

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