Nigerians won’t Tolerate Anyone Sexualizing Yul Edochie’s 15-Year-Old Daughter

On Friday, Yul Edochie’s daughter, Danielle, clocked 15 years and her dad took to Twitter to celebrate his beautiful daughter on her special day.
He shared a photo of her, with the caption:
Happy 15th Birthday to my 1st child, my daughter. Danielle Chidubem Yul-Edochie. May the Almighty God be with you always. You shall be 10 times greater than your father. Amen!

Happy 15th Birthday to my 1st child, my daughter.Danielle Chidubem Yul-Edochie.May the Almighty God be with you always.You shall be 10 times greater than your father.Amen!
— Yul Edochie (@YulEdochie) April 10, 2020

A few minutes later, some Twitter users dropped inappropriate comments about his daughter, and trust Nigerians, they proved they’ve got zero-tolerance for any form of sexual harassment.
Yes, that’s why “She’s 15” is currently trending.
Here’s how Nigerians are saying NO to sexual harassment:

Pedophiles are online today but we won’t rest until we flush them out and step on them
She’s 15, she can be your younger sisterShe’s 15, she can be your daughter
She’s 15, that’s below the age of consentShe’s below 18, she’s below the age of consent
Aye gbogbo yin ma baje ni
— Lola Okunrin (@lollypeezle) April 11, 2020

The comments on this post clearly shows that some men are pedophiles in human clothing. She’s 15 …. awon eleribu gbogbo
— Jokeh Rose🌹 (@razor_mouth) April 11, 2020

Girls grow up knowing sexual harassment before they can even discover their sexuality. And in the middle of that being slut shamed for an act done to them by men who should know better. She’s 15 ! A 15 year old that hasn’t even started tackling life, you’re already lusting over ?
— ebele. (@ebelee_) April 11, 2020

Yul Edochie celebrated his daughter’s birthday on here yesterday. She’s 15 year old and here are some disgusting Nigerian men channeling out their inner pedophilia prowess in the comments 🤮🤮☹️.
Men will disgrace you. 😪
— MBrown (@__irigo) April 11, 2020

If she’s 15, but brain is like 25,LEAVE HER ALONE.
If she’s 15, but body is like Ini Edo,LEAVE HER ALONE.
If she’s 15, but in Unilag,LEAVE HER ALONE.
If she’s 15, but she came to you herself,LEAVE HER ALONE.
If she’s 15, there’s NO excuse at all, Just #LeaveHerAlone pls.
— #OurFavOnlineDoc 🛂 (@DrOlufunmilayo) April 11, 2020

She’s 15! Even if she looks 20, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s still 15. That means she’s MINOR, a CHILD How do you comfortably sexualize a child?
— Mayowa Olagunju ❁ (@iam_doctormayor) April 11, 2020

She’s 15 and you say tinz like “It doesn’t mean, she looks older than her age””This babe is so hot””Is she still a virgin” “She is almost ripe” “I will like to marry her” “Can u please share her handle”
You a big disgrace,No can’t defend these statements however you try
— lamar moses 🏵️ (@BienoseMoses) April 11, 2020

If she’s 15, 16, and 17+ but not 18 then she’s a minor.
Even if she’s brilliant, and wiser than her age, you have no right to engage her or indulge her in anything intimate.
This is about conscience, law, and being humane.. Please 🙏🙏🙏
— Majek Fashek (@ij_kush) April 11, 2020

I’ve seen a lot of girls look 28 in their 15s, she cute right? Yeah but She’s 15 brah, It’s a no-go area. Treat her like her age and not the look. It’s an age most of them find it hard to make self decisions, don’t take advantage of her and she’d remember & be thankful tomorrow.
— BrezzIsLife (@jayythedope) April 11, 2020

Why are men sexual using a 15 year old ffs ??? She’s 15 ?? What are you guys seeing in a 15 year old ? What happened to your mates ? Sick humans
— ebele. (@ebelee_) April 11, 2020

See how people are lusting over this 15 years old girl, and it is clearly stated that She’s 15, is it not pathetic how we reason in this country, later you people will say only North perform this immoral act, hypocrite ni gbogbo wa 😞
— Mr Common Sense (@Akmonabiodun) April 11, 2020

Just look at some men showing their shamelessness in the replies of Yul Edochie’s birthday wish to his daughter. Wtf, she’s 15 for God’s sake!
— Iseunife The First (@Shawnifee) April 11, 2020

Why are you looking at a 15 year old girl with a lustful eyes, knowing fully well she’s 15 years old.
— Uncle Deji (@Blackshadie) April 11, 2020

She’s 15
The comments are irritating. One even made a comment about giving eulogy if someone says he wants to marry her at this age. Child marriage and paedophilia signs. Please learn to keep children out of your sexual fantasies…LET CHILDREN BE CHILDREN #YSMANG
— «•ATINUKE 👑•» (@LadyGrasha) April 11, 2020

The fact that She’s 15 ,I mean @YulEdochie’s daughter shd have given those paedophiles reasons to back but NO they kept going and going, dropping Jaw Dropping sexual lines that wld make their mums scream in utter disgust.I know we play a lot but not when it comes to kids pls 🙏
— AURA❤️COOL (@TWEETORACLE) April 11, 2020

Photo Credit: YulEdochie
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