João Félix would do better with Barça’s style than Atlético’s

João Mario, companion of the 7 rojiblanco in the Portugal team, analyzes his adaptation to the Spanish League and analyzes the performance under Simeone.

JAVIER BARBANCHO REUTERSJoão Félix’s performance in his first season at Atlético has generated much comment and debate. João Mario, from Lokomotiv and companion of the rojiblanco striker in the Portugal team, values ​​the young man’s adaptation to the Spanish League and the difficulties he has encountered when leaving Benfica: the pressure and the style of play.João Félix

In an interview with Eleven Sports , João Mario explains: “Atlético, seen from the outside, is very well worked, as if it were an Italian team that plays in Spain. And of course, passing Benfica, which makes 80% of the game in organized attack, Atlético, and even more with the pressure of the price, it is not easy in terms of adaptation. Being in Barcelona , for example, of course the pressure could be greater, but the style of play could suit him better ” .

It is not the first time that the Lokomotiv has evaluated João Félix’s performance and the relevance of the environment. “You can’t expect him to be the savior in an almost Italian team , ” he said in January .Athletic

He also praised Cristiano Ronaldo in this recent interview: “Playing with Cristiano is very stimulating. He always makes you try to be better and you think ‘if Cristiano, who is 35 and has won everything, still wants to be better, why shouldn’t he try to always be better? “