Take off your shoes and other recommendations of Health against coronavirus

Through its Twitter account, the ministry offers new directions to combat the spread of the pathogen. He also announced the distribution of masks on public transport.

Moncloa MoncloaOn Friday the Ministry of Health announced that it intended to generalize the use of masks among the population following recommendations of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and in its Twitter account explained that Civil Protection would begin to distribute them on public transport such as Metro and Cercanías.

Later, Sanidad issued, through its Twitter account, a series of tips, some already known, to follow when we have to go abroad and when we return to our homes to avoid getting infected . Once away from home they recommend: do not touch any surface and, if you do, wash your hands well with soap and water as soon as you can (this, they say, is more effective than wearing gloves); avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose; Maintain a safety distance of between one and two meters and, finally, if you use the car, clean it frequently, especially the surfaces you touch the most, such as the steering wheel or gear lever. 

¿Qué tengo que hacer al volver a casa?Fuera de casa procura no tocar superficiesLa limpieza adecuada es más eficaz que el uso de guantesSi usas coche, límpialo con frecuencia#EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos pic.twitter.com/6oTEvy9Fyf— Ministerio de Sanidad (@sanidadgob) April 10, 2020Already at home, and here is the news, the ministry advises to take off your shoes and leave them near the door, wash your hands with soap and water, put the objects that you are not going to use as keys or wallet in a box and also leave it nearby at the door and disinfect glasses or mobiles if you have touched them outside. For the latter, they explain, you can use a handkerchief and a hydroalcoholic solution or soap and water. 

If you have been in a closed environment with more people for a long time, for example when shopping, put the used clothes in a bag without shaking it . Close the bag and do not remove the clothes from there until you are going to use them again or until you have washed them with hot water. In the latter case, dry it well and wash your hands thoroughly after handling it.